Moose Blood’s Moving Home Album Review

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Moose Blood

Moving Home is the debut album from Moose Blood. It was released in February 2013 on Fist in the Air Records. It features the band’s trademark grunge rock sound and a dark and brooding atmosphere. It’s the perfect album for fans of indie rock who want something a little bit different than the usual fare.

The band’s music is nostalgic and reminiscent of the past. The band’s music is infused with a tinge of emo that’s rooted in the past and the present. It’s a bit of a ’80s sound, but the songs are catchy and have a psychedelic edge to them. Moose Blood is a great example of this trend.

Moose Blood is a four-piece from Canterbury, England. The band writes catchy songs with simple lyrics that are endearing. Their six-track EP, Moving Home, is a tasteful introduction to the band’s sound. On the first track, “Evening Coffee,” the band shows potential.